VR for Human Resources & Social Interactivity

VR for Human Resources can prepare employees on how to approach uncertain situations. For example, certain workers are often sent to check on local situations and are unsure of what to expect. They might be exposed to a potentially hostile environment and would need exemplary training to handle the situation. A VR simulation of such hostile environments would be incredibly beneficial, allowing the user to examine word choice, certain actions, and human behavior without risk, leading them to be better prepared for real-life scenarios.

In terms of VR for Social Interactivity, our Labrodex VR solutions can benefit all kinds of workplace interactions, such as employer/employee interactions. Employers can assess potential employees through VR training and would be able to track things such as cognitive abilities, focus, and decision-making, dependent on the requirements of the job. The process could also be a benefit to the potential employee, allowing them to view the area in which they could be potentially working, rather than having to schedule a time within their busy schedules to travel to said workplace. Labrodex can create a VR tool that benefits the interview process and interactions within the company itself.