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VR & AR Training Solutions

Why are companies rapidly turning to VR for training? There is no other form of instruction as immersive and effective as virtual reality. Companies are seeing knowledge retention rise and accelerated learning, while increasing employee retention and satisfaction rates. Fortune 500 companies are reporting test scores improving 10 to 15 percent when employees use VR.

The Labrodex Approach

We want to be an extension of your team and provide the services and skills that compliment your existing corporate structure. Labrodex understands each company is highly unique in how it operates. We spend time with your team, get to know your corporate culture and weave that into customized programs to maximize training, retention and employee satisfaction. We encourage the involvement of client stakeholders to assist with real-world scenarios to further enhance the effectiveness of the programs.

Ease of Use with Labrodex

Labrodex is a one-stop-shop. We utilize state of the art equipment, multi-engine programmers and on-call SMEs to help create a professional training experience geared towards your workplace. We can help you concept the program, scope out the project and give you numerous options for content, whether it is VR, AR, 360 Video or traditional 3D imagery. We can also train your employees on VR and AR best practices, consult with you on the most affordable systems that suit your needs and budget and create content to work on multiple platforms, from PC, Mobile, Mac, iOS and Android. Labrodex has strong relationships with the leading VR hardware companies to add an additional layer of support.

Powerful Training Tools at your fingertips.

Imagine being able to build any scenario or situation your employees or students might encounter in the real-world. Now imagine being able to change that scenario quickly and be able to rapidly deploy those changes to your end-users. As business evolves, new products and services are released and the world around you is changing, you need the tools to quickly adapt. Based on employee feedback and results, you can quickly change programs, outcomes and objectives to continually improve results.

Empowering Employees

With VR, trainees are no longer tied to a training schedule or location. They can train where they want and when they want. In addition, they can train with simulations over and over until their confidence or test scores match your company’s objectives.

Increased Knowledge Retention

VR & AR are the ultimate forms of learning by doing. By placing employees or students inside the world itself, they will be fully immersed in the exact tasks they will be performing when on the job. Researchers have found that knowledge retainment a year after VR training can be as high as 80%! This is compared to a only a 20% retention rate just one week after traditional training.

Significant Return on Investment.

Training facilities can cost hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars. Keeping them up to date, running smoothly and in operation is a large expense that can be substantially decreased with VR. Sending employees to these facilities also significantly increases travel costs and employee time away from their duties. With VR, once your program has been designed and deployed, you can run it on the VR headset of choice. No more physically restrictive training facilities. Trainers no longer have to travel offsite. With VR you can have co-op training with one person in city A and one person in city B. Remote teams can collaborate in real time.

Skill Improvement Metrics and Analysis

With VR, you can access numerous training metrics not traditionally available. Skills like efficiency, speed and situational awareness can be charted, targeted and improved with VR. Labrodex can integrate your existing skill assessment guidelines and add additional ones that you can track and manage to further your training initiatives.

Increased Employee Satisfaction & Engagement

Employees want meaningful training while on the job. They also get bored with traditional forms of training, which results in low content retention rates. As younger generations join the workforce, they are looking for cutting edge digital training and instruction. With VR, you can meet their expectations by creating highly complex scenarios engaging all of their senses.

Elimination of Hazardous Situations

A critical aspect of every company is to maintain a safe work environment. With VR, you can recreate potentially dangerous situations and help your employees safely navigate through them. You can have surprise elements in your training to test reaction times and responses and help your employees prepare before they are active in these potentially hazardous areas.

Powerful Skill Assessment With Actionable Analytics.

VR offers the ability to track and review a wide range of skill metrics. Not only will you receive powerful data about your employees and their performance, you can use that data to quickly alter existing training scenarios and simulations. With standard training, instances are typically set in stone. With VR, you can randomize events to continually keep training fresh so your employees will always need to be alert.

Integration Into Your LMS & Internal Systems

Depending on your internal training needs, we can help you select an LMS or integrate into your current one. Deploying VR training is easy and it works alongside your existing systems. Updating content and pushing it out to managers can be done quickly and effectively.

Let Labrodex create a custom mixed reality program for your company to start seeing immediate increases in productivity.