Scraper: First Strike Teased For VR Formats

Scraper: First Strike Teased For VR Formats

 Tuffcub  08/10/2018

Scraper: First Strike is a sci-fi shooter with RPG elements heading to PlayStation VR and other formats and is set in the Scraper, a city in New Austin, Texas. Here you, playing as Casey Maxwell, must battle renegade robots in the titular sky scrapers.

The release schedule for the game is a little odd, episode 1 is out before the end of the year “in advance of the full Scraper game scheduled for release on console and PC in 2020.” Presumably the full game includes all the other episodes which would be released before 2020 but the official website doesn’t specify that.

Here are some key features.

Large RPG Shooter Experience:  Game features fully voiced actors, detailed and dynamic mission system, full locomotion and an open world to explore.

Game Mechanics & System: Scraper will launch with the beginning phases of a robust RPG experience. In later episodes, these features will be continually enhanced.

VR Specific:  For Episode I, we have built-in customizable VR enhancements.  These include adjusting vignetting, rotation, travel speed and quality settings to help with user enjoyment.  You’ll also be able to adjust things like lighting, colors and the height of your dashboard in VR.

Interactive VR Experience:  Players will be able to touch and interact with certain parts of the world. From controlling your MHP and weapons to interacting with NPCs, terminals and other forms of communication, you’ll feel fully immersed in SCRAPER.

Console & PC:  For the full game release on console and PC in 2020, the player can expect advanced graphics, effects, lighting, level design and next gen features versus what will be available in the initial VR version.

POD Plugin Feature:  In Scraper, when the player is not traveling on foot, they will be traveling in their MHP (Modified Hover Pod).  The MHP serves as the player’s mobile command center.  The POD can plugin into multiple forms of travel, offensive and defensive machinery, along with mission or world specific devices.