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Scraper: First Strike

Scraper: First Strike is an RPG sci-fi shooter that introduces players to the mission to save humanity. Robots, also known as Humechs, have taken control of the world and are being led by Cifer, the most intelligent and lethal Humech ever created. After a devastating near-death accident, Cifer, once the protector of humans, rose against them and took control. The HRF, or the Human Resistance Force, is now the only thing that stands between Cifer and total domination.

In Episode 1, you play as Lt. Casey Maxwell, who has been tasked by the HRF to travel through Reactor 3 and divert the power to a previously defunct HRF fort. You’ll encounter malicious Humechs, expansive areas to explore, and secrets hidden within this towering skyscraper, located in the City of New Austin. It’s your duty to aid the HRF and help take back New Austin.

Scraper: First Strike was released on November 21st, 2018 for the Oculus, HTC Vive, and WMR. Players can access and read a virtual copy of the prequel novel Scraper: The Rise of Cifer within the game itself. Scraper: First Strike will be available for the PSVR within the month of February.

For more information, visit ScraperNetwork.com.


Dex is the star of two apps, both in the AR and VR universe. Dex: Your AR Dog Companion gives you the chance to meet Dex, our adorable Labrodex mascot and an all-around good pup! Our Augmented Reality app is perfect for anyone that wants a canine companion without the allergy troubles and apartment restrictions. Dex: Your AR Dog Companion allows you to play with Dex in the comfort of your own living room!

Dex: Your AR Dog Companion was released in April 2018 for IOS and Android.

Dex’s Day Out is an expanded version of Dex: Your AR Dog Companion, where players can interact with Dex in the VR world. In Dex’s Day Out, you get to enjoy an adorable playmate and relaxing vistas. You’ll be able to interact within a charming backdrop, and play with, train, and just all-around relax with Dex, your VR dog companion!

Project Alpha

Project Alpha is a project currently being worked on by our dedicated team. Project Alpha will be a VR Arena-style obstacle course, where players will be able to avoid and interact with oncoming objects, dependent on the obstacle presented. Our goal is to present the player with unique gameplay and an entertaining experience they won’t soon forget!

Project Beta

Project Beta is a project currently being worked on by our dedicated team. Project Beta will be a wave spawner game developed for tether-less VR devices. Players will be able to take advantage of the platform’s mobility, being able to jump, duck, and dodge various obstacles, amongst other things. We wish to create an experience that is high action and high mobility, with physics-based and VR interactive combat!