Labrodex Studios Announcing “Humans 101” for VR On PC

Labrodex Studios will soon be releasing the PSVR port of Scraper: First Strike. Today, they revealed that they have another plan for VR on PC soon.

The development studio is putting out a tease for a new VR game call “Humans 101“, scheduled for release this summer with the Early Access banner. Have a look at the teaser video.

Hello there everyone! We’ve recently been employed by some eager folks who are just dying to chat with anyone they can get for their volunteering opportunity. We’ve been diligently working with them to create some software that’ll aid them in their research. However, I think it’s best if we let them explain themselves…

If you’ve got any other questions, then we’ll definitely try to answer them, but we don’t have the best connection with them. Something about our “antiquated communication systems”. Anyway, you see how they are! You might be able to glean more information if you follow us on our social media as they tend to hack into our systems and post whatever questions that might come to their mind.

Labrodex Studios


Much of the detail is under wrap, but we will be hearing more very soon about this “meta-narrative simulation with puzzle elements”.