Labrodex Studios Announces Scraper: Gauntlet for PC VR

Labrodex Studios Announces Scraper: Gauntlet for PC VR

By Harry Baker  October 02, 2019, 2019

Labrodex Studios, the team behind Scraper: First Strike, has announced a new game for PC VR set within the Scraper universe, titled Scraper: Gauntlet.

The game is an RPG wave shooter that will bring a “unique perspective to the Scraper universe with a fresh twist to core gameplay and mechanics” from the last Scraper game, according to a post from Labrodex on Reddit. The studio announced the title alongside a teaser trailer that shows some basic gameplay.

Aesthetically, the assets in the footage look quite good. The trailer also shows the game’s main weapon: the Tri-Weapon System (TWS). The TWS features a variety of modifiable weapons, including mini-guns, grenades, beam rifle and a gravity fluctuator. The studio claims you’ll be able to choose your weapons to best fit your playstyle and modify your weapon as you progress through the game. You’ll also encounter some familiar enemies and environments, if you’re a fan of Scraper: First Strike.

Currently, the game is only scheduled for an unknown release date on PC VR. Scraper: First Strike was also available on PSVR. In the meantime, you can check out the studio’s other recent release, Humans 101, which is available on Steam as an Early Access title for PC VR.

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